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Chamberlain TX4UNIF universal handset with four button control suitable for all the Evolution series and older drives from 1997 which operate at 433MHz. This handset is also compatible with most Chamberlain, Liftmaster and MotorLift openers that use the rolling or EVO coding technology as well as Liftmaster garage door and gate operators that feature the Chamberlain 433MHz recievers.


Chamberlain TX4UNIF Universal Handset Details:


  • Four channel.
  • Operates at 433MHz.


  • Suitable to replace the following handsets: TX4UNIS, TX4UNI, 94330E, 94333E, 94334E, 94335E, 4330E, 4332E, 4333E, 4335E, 84330E, 84333E, 84335E, 84330EML, 84333EML, 84335EML.


  • Suitable for the following LiftMaster drives: LM60, LM80, LM600, LM800, LM1000, Pro7000, Pro9000, 4410, 5580,

  • Suitable for the following Gate systems: LYN series, SUB series, SCS series, ART series, SLY-series

  • Suitable for the following Motorlift drives: ML500, ML700, ML750, ML850, ML1000, ML2000, ML4000, ML5500.

  • Not compatible with the LM50K, ML510 and HE500AN models.

Chamberlain TX4UNIF 4 Channel 433MHz Universal Handset

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