Eurodrive tubular motors with manual override to suit both single or double width roller shutter garage doors.


The Eurodrive tubular motor is available in power configurations of either 60Nm or 130Nm with multiple adaptor sizes of either 60mm and 70mm octagonal barrels or the SWS 4" barrel. 


Recommended Power Options:


  • Single width roller shutters - 60Nm tubular motor.
  • Double width roller shutters - 130Nm tubular motor.


Eurodrive Features:


  • Quiet opening and closing operation.

  • Manual Override.

  • Supplied with limit adjuster tool.

  • Range of tubular motor adaptors available.
  • Designed for domestic use roller shutters.


60Nm Tubular Motor Details:


  • 60Nm of torque.

  • 1.20 Amps.

  • 310 Watts. 

  • 12 RPM.


130Nm Tubular Motor Details:


  • 120Nm of torque.

  • 2.00 Amps.

  • 450 Watts. 

  • 12 RPM.

Eurodrive Tubular Motor

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