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A Hormann Supramatic E BiSecur Series 3 head unit suitable for garage doors with a maximum width of 5500mm plus M Boom with a travel length of 2725mm. Part of the latest generation in Hormann garage door automation it presents a range of new and highly desirable features such as:




  • A highly secure self-locking motor offering complete security against forced entry.
  • Obstacle recognition which stops the door immediately when an obstruction is met.
  • Features the new Hormann BiSecur radio system.
  • The lighting can conveniently be turned on or off seperately with just the handset.
  • 50% faster opening speed.
  • An option of an added opening height to help ventilate your garage.
  • Easy programming


Hormann Supramatic E BiSecur Series 3 Details:


  • Maximum of 25 door cycles per day.
  • 24 V DC gear drive.
  • 650 N of push and pull force.
  • A peak force of 800 N.
  • Maximum opening speed of 22 cm/s.
  • Can hold an open time of 10 to 180 seconds.


M Boom Details:


  • M boom with a length of 3450mm and a travel distance of 2725mm.
  • Compatible with up and over doors up to 2750mm high.
  • Compatible with sectional doors with track type N of up to 2500mm high.
  • Compatible with sectional doors with track type L/Z/H of up to 2375mm high

Hormann Supramatic E BiSecur Series 3 with M Boom

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