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Aluroll Roller Shutter Garage Door locking Strap to suit 77mm Slats/Lath


New style Aluroll roller shutter garage door locking strap that secures the curtain to the barrel of your roller shutter garage door. Available in two options to suit either roller shutters with 77mm (regular) or 55mm (compact) lath.


Aluroll locking Strap (77mm Lath) Details:


  • These particular locking straps are designed to fit roller shutter garage doors with regular size 77mm slats - (Please see the 55mm option for locking straps suitable for mini/compact roller shutters).
  • High quality ABS plastic body with a flexible construction that wraps around the octagonal barrel.
  • A unique locking arrangement where the straps hook in and directly lock onto your Aluroll barrel.
  • This locking system is suitable for specific DRS and Aluroll roller shutter garage doors - (we recommend you check the locking straps on your existing roller shutter to determine if this style is used on your current door).

    Approximate Dimensions:


  • Overall length - 190mm

Aluroll Roller Shutter Garage Door locking Strap (77mm Lath)

SKU: ROL0012

Estimated delivery time of 2-3 working days.

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