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The Sommer Base+ S9080 Electronic Operator is suitable for all types of Sectional and Retractable Garage Doors. Please note that for Up and Over Canopy Doors you will also need to purchase the Sommer Canopy Bow arm Conversion kit.


  • Extremely Secure with the 128-Bit code which provides trillions of different combination codes
  • Obstacle recognition and partial or full reversal when obstruction is met
  • Self-locking motor offers complete security against burglary
  • Extremely quiet opening and closing 
  • Maintenance Free


Optional Extras


  • Parking positioning laser
  • Locking Magnet for increased security
  • Motion Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Additional LED Light
  • Alarm
  • Battery Back-up

Sommer Base+ S9080 Electronic Operator

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