Garage Door Cone & Cables

Garage door cones & cables are usually found on canopy garage doors. Under tension the cables act as pulley gear assisting in the open & close operation, but due to this constant strain the cables can snap resulting in a door being difficult to use & therefore time for a new pair of cables.

Here at Spares for Garage Doors we stock a wide range of replacement garage door cables for various makes & models. So if it’s Cardale CD45 cone & cables or Garador MK3C cables, we got you covered. But how do you identify what cables are right for you? Below are some tips to help you find the perfect set of cables for your garage door:


1. Choose a Manufacturer

First check the back of your garage door for a manufacturers label to quickly find the make you need so you can search our cable collection via manufacturer below.

2. See our full Range

Can’t find the brand of your garage door? Just hit the button below to take a glance through our growing selection of cables to see if you can spot the one for you.

3. Contact Us

Finally if you’re still having no luck you can always send us an email with an image of your door or the spare you need to see if we can help I.D the perfect part for you.






Spares for Garage Doors feature a wide range of quality pattern & genuine garage door Cone & Cables for a number of manufacturers. These include: Apex, BirtleyCardale, GaradorHenderson, to HormannMarley and Wessex.



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