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Garage Door Handsets, Remotes and fobs

Garage Door Handsets and Roller Shutter Fobs

Electric garage doors & roller shutters have become increasingly popular over the years particularly with their ease of use and convenience plus added security. However over time handsets can be lost or with a growing family you may wish to purchase additional remotes and entry systems.
Here at Spares for Garage Doors we stock a range of quality remote controls, wall switches and entry keypads from various popular makes. So if it’s a Eurodrive Qualprem handset or a Sommer Pearl vibe remote, we got you covered. Below are some tips to help you discover the perfect fob for your garage door:

Spares for Garage Doors Top Tips
Spares for Garage Doors - Range of Garage Door Handsets, Remotes and Clickers
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1. Choose a Manufacturer

First check the control unit or handset for a manufacturers label or logo to quickly find the make you need so you can search our garage door handset collection via manufacturer below.

2. See our Range of Garage Door Handsets

Can’t find the brand of your remote control? Hit the button below to take a glance through our growing selection of garage door & roller shutter fobs to find the correct one for you.

3. Contact Us

Finally if you’re still having no luck you can always send us an email with an image of your door or the spare you need to see if we can help I.D the perfect part for you.

Garage Door Handset Manufacturers - Spares for Garage Doors
Garage Door Handset Manufacturers.
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Garage Door & Roller Shutter Handset Collection.

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Here at Spares for Garage Doors we feature an extensive range of roller shutter and garage door handsets from popular brands such as Eurodrive and Sommer Automation. We stock everything from key fobs to wall switches, keypads, hand transmitters and more for your garage door.

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