APC Battery-Backup UPS 500VA,AVR used for emergency access when there is no other way into your garage after your existing roller shutter suffers a power failure. In the case of a powercut the APC battery backup will intiate allowing you to operate your roller shutter and gain emergency access to your garage.




  • Audible alarms that notify you if there is a change to UPS power consumption.

  • Automatic self-test of the battery unit.

  • Battery failure notification.

  • Built in LED status indicators.

  • Safety approved.


APC Battery-Backup UPS 500VA,AVR Details:


  • Max power - 300Watts / 500VA.
  • Output Frequency - 50 Hz.

  • Battery Volt-Amp-Hour Capacity - 47.

  • Surge energy rating - 273 joules.

  • Height - 185mm.

  • Width - 115mm.

  • Depth - 213mm.

  • Weight - 5.2kg.

APC Battery-Backup UPS 500VA

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