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The Sommer Accu battery backup is an optional extra for the Sommer Base+ and Sommer Pro+ electric garage door openers.


In the event of a power failure when you have no alternative access into your garage the Accu emergency battery backup supplies your Sommer operator with power for up to 5 full cycles, allowing you to gain access into your garage.


Sommer Accu Battery Backup Features:


  • Rated for up to 5 cycles or 24 hours on standby to depletion.

  • Compact NiMH cell package for fitting inside control housings of Base+ and pro+ Sommer garage door openers.
  • Integrated circuit board for protection against deep discharge or overcharge extends battery life.
  • Plug and play (may require up to 12 hours' charge time for correct function when testing).
  • When on standby power, operator implements power-saving features including reduced travel speeds.


Technical Details:


  • Compatible with Base+ and pro+ Sommer operators.
  • Part no. S10523-00001.

Sommer Accu Battery Backup

SKU: SOM0014

Estimated delivery time of 2-3 working days.

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