A SOMMER Base+ S9060 electronic garage door opener and boom with 2 pre-programmed 4 button pearl vibe handsets. A maintenance free premium quality motor and boom featuring the latest in garage door operator technology in an easy to install package at an affordable price making it a leader in garage door automation for the home. Featuring a boom with a travel length of 2750mm and a pull and push force of 600 N it is suitable for all types of garage doors with a maximum width of 4500mm and a weight of 120kg. Part of the next generation in garage door automation it includes a range of new and highly desirable features such as:




  • Gear-saving technology for a long-lasting life with minimal wear.

  • Integrated LED technology.

  • Emergency release system where the carriage can be engaged and disengaged in any position. This ensures security in any position, even if there is a power failure.

  • Extremely Secure with a 128-bit-AES providing trillions of different combination codes.

  • Obstacle recognition and partial or full reversal when obstruction is met.

  • Self-locking motor with counter-pressure offers complete security against burglary.

  • Self-learning force curve with continual adjustment.

  • Supplied in a modular system making it a quick and easy installation.

  • Suitable for ceiling and wall mounting.

  • Extremely quiet opening and closing. 

  • Galvanized nickel plated chain so no need for oil, making it maintenance free.

  • The modular construction allows you to upgrade your SOMMER Base+ with a versatile collection of optional extras (Please see our range of accessories on our SOMMER page).


SOMMER Base+ S9060 Details:


  • Can be used for sectional garage doors, sliding doors, swing doors, up-and-over garage doors and side-sectional garage doors.

  • 600 N of push and pull force.

  • Standard travel length of 2750 mm.

  • Maximum opening speed of 24 cm/s.

  • 128-bit-AES-encryption.

  • 40 radio memory positions.

  • 40% duty cycle after S3.

  • Energy saving with < 1 watt consumption in standby mode.

  • Maximum of 30 number of spaces.

  • EMC-compliance.


What do you get in the box in the box?


  • SOMMER Base+ S9060 garage door motor carriage.
  • Easy to assemble operator boom.
  • Supplied with 2 pre-programmed 4 button pearl vibe handsets.
  • Fixings.
  • Manufacturer warranty and instructions. 


Optional Extras


  • Parking positioning laser.
  • Locking Magnet for increased security.
  • Motion Sensor.
  • Humidity Senso.
  • Lumi pro+ additional light for wall control.
  • Lumi+ additional light for roof control.
  • Alarm buzzer.
  • Accu battery backup.


If you have any further queries then please feel free to contact us through our email and we will be happy to help.

SOMMER Base+ S9060 Electric Garage Door Operator

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