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The Sommer Locking Magnet is an optional extra for the Sommer Base+ and Sommer Pro+ electric garage door openers.


The Sommer magnetic lock improves on the existing Pro+ and Base+ built-in burglary protection by increasing the maximum amount of force your Sommer operator can withstand to 300kg when force entry is being attempted on your garage door.


Sommer Locking Magnet Features:


  • Magnetic locking that locks the engine in every position for attacking forces of up to 300kg.
  • The lock is blocking mechanically and improves the exisiting burglary protection.
  • Plug and play


Technical Details:


  • Compatible with Base+ and pro+ Sommer operators.
  • Part no. 1651V000.

Sommer Locking Magnet

SKU: SOM0010

Estimated delivery time of 2-3 working days.

Remote Control for Garage Door

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