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Sommer Pearl Vibe 4 button handset which vibrates on command. The Sommer Pearl Vibe is suitable for Sommer Base+ and Pro+ garage door electric operators as well as backwards compatible with older Sommer and Henderson garage door openers including the Sprint, Aperto, Marathon and Duo vision models.


Sommer Pearl Vibe 4-command Handset (868 MHz) Features:


  • Bi-directional SOMloq2 radio system.

  • Vibration feedback on command.

  • Efficient vibration motor for long battery life.

  • Backwards compatible.

  • Disturbance-resistant radio signal.

  • Collision resistance.


Tecnical Details:


  • 4 radio commands.
  • 128-bit encryption.
  • Downward compatible with Somloq rollingcode radio system.
  • Frequencies of FM 868.8 MHz and FM 868.95 MHz.
  • Range of approximately 60 to 150m.
  • Battery type - 3 V, CR 2032.




Length: 79mm.

Width: 26mm.

Depth: 13mm.

Sommer Pearl Vibe 4-command Handset (868 MHz)

SKU: SOM0004

Estimated delivery time of 2-3 working days.

Remote Control for Garage Door

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