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The Sommer Pro+ S9080 Electronic Operator is suitable for all types of Sectional and Retractable Garage Doors and is designed to simply plug into a power socket on the garge side wall. Please note that for Up and Over Canopy Doors you will also need to purchase the Sommer Canopy Bow arm Conversion kit.


  • Extremely Secure with the 128-Bit code which provides trillions of different combination codes
  • Obstacle recognition and partial or full reversal when obstruction is met
  • Self-locking motor offers complete security against burglary
  • Extremely quiet opening and closing 
  • Maintenance Free


Optional Extras


  • Parking positioning laser
  • Locking Magnet for increased security
  • Motion Sensor
  • Humidity Sensor
  • Additional LED Light
  • Alarm
  • Battery Back-up

Sommer Pro+ S9080 Electronic Operator

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