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Genuine Eurodrive product.


Universally compatible Eurodrive Eurokit radio receiver control unit for replacing your existing roller shutter garage door control unit. Supplied complete with a photocell and reflector kit plus 2x Eurofob single channel handsets.


Eurodrive Eurokit Control Unit Features:


  • Advanced low cost radio control.
  • Supplied with a photocell and reflector kit plus 2x Eurofob single channel hand transmitters with long life batteries.
  • Motor run time setting option.

  • Easy secure fitting supplied with installation instructions and fixing screws.
  • Down, up and stop push buttons.

  • Low voltage inputs for key switches, rocker switches etc.

  • Dead man close facility to comply with EU safety regulations.


Technical Details:


  • Operates at 433.92MHz.

  • Suppplied with pre-fitted 1.5m power cable and moulded UK 3 pin plug.
  • 230v light output relay with programmable run-time.
  • Compatible with 230v tubular motors of up to 360Nm.

  • CE compliant.


Eurodrive/DRS Eurofob Hand transmitter Details:


  • 2x Eurofob handsets.
  • 4 buttons with open, close and stop functions.
  • Sliding face cover for extra protection against the elements.
  • This particular handset is specifically compatible with the Eurokit control unit from Eurodrive/DRS.
  • Operates at 433.92MHz.
  • Single channel transmitter.
  • Supplied with simple to follow programming instructions.


Eurodrive/DRS Photocell and Reflector Kit Details:


  • An optical safety device so that when the light beam is broken the tubular motor stops the close function of the roller shutter to protect against injuries and other damages.
  • 1 photocell with connecting cable.
  • 2 reflectors.
  • Supplied with screws, brackets and fixings.

Eurodrive Eurokit Control Unit with 2x Eurofob Handsets and Photocell Kit

SKU: ROL0005

Estimated delivery time of 2-3 working days.

Remote Control for Garage Door

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