Hormann BiSecur HSE 4 BS micro size handset with four button control at 868.3MHz frequency. Suitable for all Hormann Series 3 openers from 2012 to present day. This handset is also backwards compatible with previous Hormann electric motors from 2005 - 2011 operating at a frquency of 868MHz.


Available with a high gloss metallic or black edge finish.




  • Micro size.

  • Available with a high gloss metallic or black edge finish.


Hormann BiSecur HSE 4 BS Micro Handset Details:


  • Four channel.
  • Operates at 868.3MHz.

  • Suitable for Hormann series 3 operators from 2012 onwards.

  • Backwards compatible with models from 2005 - 2011 (868MHz).

Hormann BiSecur 868.3MHz HSE 4 BS Micro Handset

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